The course examines how the World Wars and Peace, Cold War, social and economic patterns, neoimperialism, globalization, decolonization’s and peace-building initiatives, as well as the effects of international and local of global circumstances and events such as the global terrorist threat.

The Academic Director is Abdelkader Slimani. It is included in Unlimited. The story of the Far East This course explores the main issues that affect East Asian civilization from the beginning to present. Irish 105 An A Guide to Irish Language and Culture.

While the primary focus has been specifically on China, Japan and Korea however, consideration is given to the other inner Asian communities and cultures including Mongolia as well as Tibet. It is included in Unlimited. The article focuses on the historical time-line of each region of the middle East and the state-building process spiritual and philosophical practices as well as the role of women, the development of economics as well as social changes. Irish 200: Irish Language and Culture for Adults. Faculty Supervisors: Abdelkader Slimani. It is included in Unlimited.

Comparative Historical Analysis This courses offers a broad overview of all four Old World civilizations of the Middle East, India, China, and Europe with particular emphasis on their influences on each other and their interactions throughout time. The Scottish Highland Clans: Origins, decline and transformation. It examines the various aspects of civilization such as communication, geography and technology, as well as and artistic advances.

It is included in Unlimited. Faculty Supervisor for Academics: Mohammed Said Belkassem. Genealogy Studying the Family Tree. Contemporary World History This course gives a historical overview of the current global world (XX Century) in global perspective , from the time of the First World War to nowadays. It is included in Unlimited. The course examines how the World Wars and Peace, Cold War, social and economic patterns, neoimperialism, globalization, decolonization’s and peace-building initiatives, as well as the effects of international and local of global circumstances and events such as the global terrorist threat.

Irish 106 An Introduction to Irish Language and Culture. Professor of Academics: Mohammed Said Belkassem. It is included in Unlimited. A distance-learning university can make working and studying simple and adaptable.

Explore online degrees from top universities. More information. Enhance your skills through either an undergraduate or postgraduate diploma. World History Online via distance learning.

Master of Arts. Professional References to be recommended. Enhance your thinking, expand your abilities and protect your career with our latest job-ready arts degree from University of Newcastle. Being a member of the correct association is the best way to make yourself an experienced professional. University of Newcastle (UON). Bircham International University graduates may be a part of a variety of professional organizations.

Learn at your own pace online. The requirements for membership in each organization can differ based on the program of study, the specialization and graduate resume for every occasion. Take a trip back in time to fulfill your curiosity and explore the past through short courses on history online and in-depth courses or even full postgraduate degrees. BIU is not able to ensure membership in all circumstances.

Begin learning at no cost using your computer, tablet or even mobile. BIU does not play a role with these procedures. Purchase an upgrade to your course or join Unlimited for additional benefits. Bircham International University provides a information on memberships and professional references for each faculty to which BIU alumni may be a part of. Purchase an upgrade to a course for an ongoing access to material, exams, and the possibility of earning an Certificate of Achievement. You can contact the BIU faculty you prefer.

Sign up to Unlimited with access to over 100 shorter courses, as well as the possibility to continue access to the courses that you receive an award on. More information. Increase your chances of success. AHA — American Historical Association AHA – Asociacion de Historia Actual ANPUH ANPH – Association Nacional de Historia APH – Asociacion Papeles de Historia ASHHA (ASHHA) Association Suisse des Historiens et Historiennes de l’Art HA AHA – Historical Association HT – Histoire for all IPA – International Psychohistorical Association RHS – Royal Historical Society SAH – Society of Architectural Historians SBEC – Sociedade Brasileira do Estudos Classicos – Society for the History of the Humanities WHA – World History Association More info. Make your mark in your career, or plan future studies by studying by working with historians and educators from the top universities and organisations in the world. Study at a distance anywhere in the world at any time of the year.

Connect with other learners to learn new and fresh perspectives. More details. The study of the past is crucial for a variety of reasons. Admission conditions to be admitted World History. In learning about the past as well as the cultures of people, ideas, and things that have shaped our world, we will better comprehend the modern world.

Specialist Expert Diploma, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s, Doctor Ph.D. Our collection of online courses cover a broad range of topics and time periods within the field. Degree.

Online learning about the past. To receive an official admissions status for admission at Bircham distance-education university, you will need to submit the completed in, dated and signed application form for admission. Learning and historical knowledge has numerous applications and various essential skills related to it. The application form from the site or request cheap it via email or by mail. It’s an exciting field that helps you improve your thinking and analytical abilities.

Please mail this application along with the all documents attached to the address below. When you study history by studying the past, you’ll be casting an eye towards documents and information of the past. It is also possible to send this application and the documents attached via email in PDF format. This will help you improve the research skills of your students as well as fostering the ability to think critically. More information. It’s almost impossible to find a historical subject that is interesting and interesting.

Bircham International University issues an admissions document after you have submitted the complete application to be admitted. Whether you’d like to read about military strategy, political intrigue economic structures, social phenomena, you’ll find something that suits your interests. This document will detail the number of credits that have been transferred and verified through previous experience and education and the total number of credits needed to complete the distance learning degree’s major.

Learning online gives students the freedom to choose courses that fit your schedule and interests. Bircham University can not perform this test without a full request for admission. The majority of our short courses are available to be completed in a couple of weeks, which requires just 2 to 6 hours of studying every week. More information.

Whatever your situation, whether you have more time available than normal or you’re juggling your everyday life You can schedule your time for studying around it.

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